Initial Consultation

During this first meeting we discuss the project and your requirements in depth. It is a chance for us to walk around your garden together. This will give me an insight into your how you want to use your garden and the space around your home, as well as any highlighting any site challenges that may need to be tackled. This meeting forms the foundation for the brief from which the design will be developed.


Survey & Analysis

Depending on the type and complexity of the project, a survey may be needed in order to gain accurate information about the site. This survey forms the basis from which any design work is produced and so its accuracy is essential. The initial site visit will establish what level of survey will be necessary.

Field Survey
Estimate & Brief

Following the initial consultation, a summary of the site will be written up. This document forms the basis for the design brief and outlines ideas discussed at the meeting. It also sets out the cost of the design work.
Initial Concept Plan

This is our second meeting. This is when we go through the plan together in detail. This gives us the opportunity to discuss the design and make any adjustments that are necessary. After this meeting the finished Outline Plan will be drawn up incorporating any adjustments required.

Detailed Outline Plan

This is the finished, approved and detailed Outline Plan for your garden. The plan contains the details from which your garden can then be built. Any additional construction drawings and other documents such as ‘scope of works’ will then be drawn up as required.

Garden Concept Outline Plan_sm.jpg
Planting Plans

Once the Outline Plan has been completed, a detailed Planting Plan will then be produced. This plan takes into account our wide ranging discussions. The plants selected will be suitable for the site conditions and will have been chosen to give long periods of interest as well as suiting the level of maintenance available thereby making the design practical, sustainable and pleasurable for years
to come.

Planting Plan 1.jpg
Overseeing the Project Build

Some clients want help with appointing a contractor and working through the tender process or with overseeing the build itself. These are all areas in which I have considerable experience. The whole process is very flexible and any part of it can be undertaken in isolation depending on the client’s needs and requirements.

Other Services:

Illustrations: Drawing to give you perspective views of the garden in relation to the plan.


Construction Drawings:  For the hard landscaping elements of the garden for the constructor.

Setting Out Drawings: A technical drawing which sets out the positions of all the elements of the design. Some constructors require this document from which to build the garden.

Monitoring Service: Overseeing the construction of the garden’s build. This ensures that the build is on schedule, within budget and of the right quality.

Maintenance Manual:  A guide to the plants within the garden and their seasonal needs.

Consultations: I work with both existing and new clients reviewing and developing their gardens, advising on planting, horticultural and maintenance matters.