Cornus Sanguinea 'Magic Flame' - Dogwood

This is a shrub that can be easily overlooked during the summer months. It comes into its own in autumn with wonderful rich buttery yellow leaves that turn to red and gold, followed by vibrant coloured stems that cheer up even the dullest of winter days. The coloured stems change from yellow to orange to bright red at the tips giving a flame-like appearance, hence the name. These shrubs look lovely used as underplanting in a woodland or in a large shrub border to bring winter colour to the garden. In summer it bears small white flowers followed by black fruits so is good for both pollinators and wildlife. This dogwood grows to 2m wide x 2m high, is hardy and tolerant of most soil conditions.

Chimonanthus praecox - Winter Sweet

This large shrub produces small, sweetly scented, yellow flowers with purple stained insides. The flowers appear on bare branches throughout the winter months from December to February. This is a vigorous shrub that take a few years to start to flower but it is well worth the wait. It makes a lovely specimen plant for a sunny, well-drained mixed or winter border. When mature it reaches up to 4m high by 3m wide. Minimal pruning is required.