Eryngium giganteum 'Miss Wilmott's Ghost'

I love to use Eryngium to make a bold statement in my borders. Sea Hollies have striking teasel-like flowers - wonderful for cut and dried arrangements - that sit above lovely heart-shaped foliage. Planted in drifts they make a wonderful feature in a sunny border or set amongst grasses. This variety, Miss Wilmott's Ghost, is named after Ellen Wilmott, who, as legend has it, would secretly drop its seeds into other people's gardens. From June to September it produces stunning cones of tiny blue flowers that sit above silvery grey star-shaped bracts, which will pick up the light and almost sparkle on a bright summer's day. It will eventually grow to 30m wide x 90cm tall. I often use other varieties too such as Eryngium x zabelli 'Joss's Eijking' which is a vibrant metallic blue and flowers slightly later in the season or the smaller Eryngium bourgatti that has a deeper cut bract with a slightly softer look.


Eryngium Miss Wilmott's Ghost