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Show Gardens

Hampton Court  - 2010  ​'The Combat Stress Therapeautic Garden'​

Exhibitors: Fi Boyle Garden Design & Independent Gardening

Designer: Fi Boyle Garden Design

Constructor: Cirencester Civil Engineering   

Project Management: Independent Gardening 


The garden was designed specifically to be used by ex-Service personnel undergoing treatment for PTSD and other psychological wounds, at Combat Stress’s headquarters in Leatherhead. 


It embraces the specific needs of its users: the benches are ‘safe’ with clear lines of sight and no space for hidden threats such as bombs. There is a large circular pond which forms a focal point and area of contemplation in the centre of the main lawn. The water is still and soothing as this helps to bring the sky into the garden and add depth. The planting is robust yet airy and soothing with a mix of evergreens and perennials for year-round interest. A major part of this project was raising the funds to make the build of this garden possible.

The Combat Stress Therapeutic Court Yard Garden, Leatherhead, Surrey

The garden was designed to transform a barren quadrangle into a place of sanctuary.  It is used by ex-Service personnel undergoing treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other psychological wounds. The veterans take time to sit, reflect and unwind in the garden between treatment sessions. It is where they can meet with their families and friends. It is wonderful  that the veterans will be involved with the upkeep of the garden, so making it part of their recovery, teaching them how therapeutic and healing something as simple as a garden can be.

The garden required specific design criteria because of the veterans needs; the planting is on the whole low, with structural plants giving shape and form whilst not obscuring sight lines. The variety and mix of plants have been chosen to be robust and long lasting, giving interest, texture and soft colour throughout the year as well as attracting wildlife and insects into the garden.​​

Hampton Court  - 2008  'Convergence of the Elements'  - 
Silver Medal​

Constructor: Down to Earth Partners    
Concept Design:  Matt Rideout

Planting:  Fi Boyle Garden Design

A modern cityscape designed to represent the elements of earth, wind, fire and water. It brings a visual and sensory relief to those that use it as well as those who look out onto it.


The hot coloured perennials and foliage bring seasonal and textural change as well as movement into what would otherwise be a static concrete space.​


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