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Wisteria sinensis Alba

This lovely white form of Wisteria is a vigorous climber and has long, fragrant, pendulous pea-shaped flowers and lime green foliage. In spring and early summer, the fragrant blossoms emerge to produce a stunning display and will occasionally give a second flush in late summer. Wisteria is best grown over garden structures or against a house or garden wall. They are particularly pretty when trained over the roof of a pergola or over garden arches. Wisteria can be trained by careful pruning or can be left to form a mass on its own. Despite the delicate appearance they are fully hardy and will do well in most soils, though prefer well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade .

Wisteria sinensis Alba
Wisteria sinensis Alba

 Malus Transitoria

Malus Transitoria is a small ornamental crab apple that bears clouds of delicate white blossom in May. This gently spreading, ornamental tree is suitable for any garden. It has beautiful, deeply lobed bright green leaves, like those of a maple which turn a lovely buttery yellow in the autumn, along with small amber-coloured berries that stay on the trees well into winter and twinkle like little jews in the rain. This tree prefers fertile moist loamy conditions but is pretty tolerant provided the ground is not waterlogged.  Ultimate height is 6m with a spread of 5m.

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