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Family Garden With Natural Swimming Pond, Dorset

The client had converted a simple bungalow into a beautiful home and wanted a garden to reflect their build. The existing garden was exposed to the parking area and had little privacy. The gable end of the house was a stunning oak-framed glass wall but had no immediate view. Space needed to be maximised and each area given a purpose. We built a gated wall to frame and screen a new garden area. A parterre in front of the huge window was created for visual impact and structure as well as being a formal space to transition through. This then leads to a dining terrace with an oak pergola and pleached trees providing a space to eat or entertain in dappled shade. The planting was kept simple with a limited colour palette and long season of interest to set it off against the stone and gravel. The lawn was then opened up and framed with trees and hedging and beyond a vegetable garden and orchard will follow. A family space was then created with a natural swimming pond and deck overlooked from the terrace. The aquatic planting filters the water as well as providing essential wildlife habitats. This space blends naturally into the garden and on into the landscape beyond.


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