Prunus Nigra
Prunus cerasifera Nigra

A wonderfully versatile tree, this ornamental cherry has just about everything to offer. In spring it is covered in very pretty soft pink blossom which is well visited and much loved by bees and other pollinators. The flowers are contrasted beautifully against the almost black stems and the newly emerging bronze foliage. Over the summer the leaves turn a deep purple and then in autumn they offer a final flourish of red and orange. A great tree for a small garden or to set off against other trees. It will grow in most stable conditions in full sun and will reach 10m x 10m.

Prunus Nigra
Stachyurus praecox

This is an unusual shrub which makes a lovely addition to a late winter or early spring garden. It bares pendant racemes of small, cup-shaped pale yellow flowers which drip from bare, arching bronze coloured branches. It flowers from February to April so is a good plant for early pollinators. It ultimately grows to size 3m x 3m and prefers ericaceous soil.