Euphorbia mellifera

This is a magnificent, large euphorbia. Its natural dome shape makes a strong structural statement in any border. It has tall stiff stems with bright green leaves that bear small, honey-scented, bronze tinted flowers in March to April. Happy in full sun or partial shade, it is also semi evergreen which means when planted on a colder site it will lose some or all of its leaves in winter. However it will produce new foliage in the spring if this does happen. As with all Euphorias special care must be taken when cutting back, always wear gloves as the sap is photo-toxic and turns to acid when exposed to light. The milky white sap can burn and blister your skin. Allow plenty of space for this to grow as it will grow to 2x2.5m when mature and is reasonably fast growing.

Stachyurus praecox

This is an unusual shrub which makes a lovely addition to a late winter or early spring garden. It bares pendant racemes of small, cup-shaped pale yellow flowers which drip from bare, arching bronze coloured branches. It flowers from February to April so is a good plant for early pollinators. It ultimately grows to size 3m x 3m and prefers ericaceous soil.

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