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Wildflower Garden Ideas: 10 ways to add wildflowers to your yard

Sarah Wilson

Homes & Garden - Fi combines water and wildflowers for an immersive feel.

'This garden has a lovely mix of colors that changes throughout the season,' says designer Fi Boyle. 'This particular area was planted up as an orchard with apple, plum, greengage and quince (you can see the young trees in the picture) with wildflowers growing beneath.

'Mown paths create a journey and allow the transition from one space to another. The wildflower meadow contrasts beautifully with the cleaner and more structured lines of the swimming pool area, while also settling the garden into the wider landscape.' The house is on the side of a hill with beautiful views across the valley beyond.

Using wildflowers in a garden is a way to transition from the more cultivated areas of a garden to the wider landscape. Slopes in a garden can be challenging to plant and maintain. Using wildflower turf is a great way to overcome this while also creating something that has a long season of interest and is insect friendly.

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